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Embarrassingly enough, the world has spent the past 2 months delving into the private life of Tiger Woods.  We have prodded, stalked, staked out, investigated, evaluated and in some cases made some outlandish assumptions about a man we don’t know on a personal level. Ultimately, it’s been concluded that Tiger Woods is a womanizing sex maniac who doesn’t deserve to play golf anymore; and let’s take all his endorsements away while we’re at it.  Fast forward to the most recent shenanigans, this past weekend national broadcasts were interrupted so we could all witness Tiger make a public statement about this very private matter.   Now that the highly publicized press conference is over, there are certain media outlets that are still not satisfied calling Tiger’s public apology a farce because he refused to entertain questions from the media about the specifics of his indiscretions. While Tiger is being depicted as the devil, I’m wondering why the media’s scrutiny of the women with whom Tiger engaged has not been as vigorous.   I’ll tell you why, because journalism is tainted by capitalism.   It is more profitable to promote scandal and even more advantageous to keep the drama going. This situation has generated a lot of money for a lot of people.  From newspapers and tabloid sales, to the talk shows and the paparazzi photos, and that’s just the things we know about.  IS there true value and purpose for reporting this story?

On another note, we know what Tiger’s agenda was in all his adulterous activity. It’s the same as any man who cheats: he wanted to have a good time.  One might suggest that Tiger was manipulative in using his celebrity to seduce these women but the last time I checked a man only needed one thing to seduce any woman, and that’s desire. Tiger is
neither the first nor the last man to cheat.  I might add that it may very well be Tiger’s celebrity that was used against him.  We have all heard this story before, gold-digger women compete with other women to get to the riches.  Are they no less manipulative in their actions? If anything these women were far more manipulative than Tiger could ever
be and their coming forward is only proof of that. What did they hope to gain by telling the world about the time they spent with the world’s most famous golfer?  After the first and second affairs were exposed, what is the purpose of being the third, fourth and so on to
come out with their testimony of his infidelities? Did we need further convincing, are there more mends Tiger will need to make?  We can certainly rule out that their coming forward had little to do with their moral integrity and more to do with seizing an opportunity for
themselves?  If these women were really tied to some code of ethics they might be more compelled to apologize themselves.  How about asking Elin, Tiger’s wife, for forgiveness, and try showing remorse for acting so selfishly?   At the end of the day their actions are
extremely questionable from the beginning.

This is clearly a private matter that should be kept between a husband and his wife.  Why the women in this fiasco have been given the time and space to air the details of their relationship with Tiger Woods is beyond ridiculous and obviously opportunistic on the part of the media as well as these women involved.  In no way do I condone Tiger stepping out on his wife, I just think we need to place responsibility on everyone involved.