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Bushwick Bill the legendary Geto Boys’ MC, is facing deportation charges, the Jamaican-born MC faced deportation proceedings in Atlanta Immigration Court. No one knows what Bill did to face these Deportation charges.

If you remember Bushwick Bill was 1/3 of the pioneer Houston, TX rap group the Geto Boys, born Richard Shaw in Jamaica in 1966, Bill made an incredible impact on not only southern hip-hop, but in hip-hop all across the board. Alongside Geto boys Bill made countless hits including ‘My Mind Playing Tricks On Me’ and even dropping his own solo joint.

In recent years Bill has been spitting out Gospel Rap and even dropped an album The Testimony of Redemption late last year on G-S.P.O.T. Productionz (God’s Special Purpose of Talent). Good to see that he’s still making music.