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<p>One of the my most memorable and proudest moments in history was the OJ Simpson verdict, Summer 1995 I was pregnant with Kris and watching the OJ trial cause Young and the Restless was interrupted. I remember hearing the verdict not guilty. I was in my bedroom my mom was out in the &ldquo;Florida room&rdquo; another term for den. I heard scream and yell out whaaaat!!! He got off. A black man got off. I was in my room crying she came back and we cried together. It was just like the day President Obama won the election. I hate to make such a comparison but when a black man gets out going to jail for life&hellip; It&rsquo;s a happy day for African Americans all over the United States, believe it.</p><p>Last night I watched the Michael Vick Project and I just couldn&rsquo;t believe my ears as I listened to Michael and his family describe their lives leading up to the &ldquo;raid&rdquo; on his mansion. My son was watching with me. I asked him during the commercials. Can you see what happened. All he could say is they just don&rsquo;t want to succeed. Then I asked him to provided details. He said this &ldquo;they knew Michael Vick liked football and he also helped other black people. They don&rsquo;t want us helping one another when we make it and they don&rsquo;t us doing anything they do without them knowing about it&hellip; that&rsquo;s on any level&ldquo;.</p><p>That&rsquo;s the jist of it basically. However this is what I explained to him based on what Michael and his family said about their lives prior to making it. And this is why I was so pissed off. Time line &ldquo;I grew up in the projects, all I saw everyday was dog fighting, that&rsquo;s all I knew&rdquo; Michael Vick. Football and dog-fighting, those were his passions because that&rsquo;s what he saw around him. Why didn&rsquo;t the police go to the projects and inform those people hosting dog-fighting events during those times that what they were doing was illegal. I will tell you why because it was the projects filled with Afrikans who didn&rsquo;t know any better had nothing else better to do so they chose dog fighting as away to entertain themselves and make money. Know different from what the men in the villages of Africa did, they may not have been fighting dogs in Africa but they sure as hell was trying to depend on white folk as the source of getting by.</p><p>Lets fast forward, so Michael Vick gets the NFL slavery contract and &ldquo;Life was Good it was like a dream, there wasn&rsquo;t anything we couldn&rsquo;t do or buy&rdquo;&hellip; That&rsquo;s was his false sense of freedom and control of his own life. &ldquo;I remember it was like shop til you drop, Nieman Marcus stayed open late for us&rdquo; Vick&rsquo;s wife&hellip;. Imma pause right there. Who you think profited from that? Imma tell you who didn&rsquo;t, it, for sure as hell, wasn&rsquo;t the store clerk working off her commission, either going to school or a college graduate struggling to feed her family, who probably needed to be home with a child a not working over a shift that she isn&rsquo;t gonna get over time for, why, because she is only schedule to work 30 hours a week. &ldquo;And a white man get paid off of all of that..&rdquo; Kanye West.</p><p>But Vick, they said wasn’t a person who said no. Meaning he went back to his neighborhoods and was helping people in need. "<span style="color: #0000ff;"><strong>Oh no he didn’t</strong></span>…" Whitey. See once we make it we ain’t suppose to go give back to those we leave behind in the projects whitey gave Vick a meal ticket he was suppose to forget where his came from. But check this white man, Vick told you,&nbsp; "<strong>That’s all I knew</strong>".&nbsp; We are a peopl

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