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It seems that Six Flags Snyder has enough money to spend on acquiring Chad Johnson neé Ocho Cinco.  It has been remarked on this very website that Ocho lobbied Bill Parcells to acquire him.  Johnson wants a new home for whatever reason.  That’s exactly why Washington should pass on Johnson. Is Stank-0 ill you ask?  Stank-0 is in his right mind, fa shizzle, however this isn’t a good move.  This continues the Washington Football Team transformation into the Raiders of the NFC.  Johnson will be the Washington Football Team's Moss.  Ubertalented wide receiver who may mail it in when the going gets tough.  Believe Stank-0, things will get worse before they get better. Don’t forget Clinton “Can’t stay healthy” Portis.   There’s a green head coach, new defensive and offensive coordinators, and another new offense for Jason Campbell to learn.  The receivers will be a year older, and Santana is already one year removed from his best year as a Redskin.  Brandon Lloyd is an afterthought in the offense as it is (the check down gets more looks than BLloyd), and Randall El is just startin to come into his own.    All those signs of progress….flush em!Now Ocho Cinco will put @sses in the seats.  Johnson is quite simply the most entertaining player in the NFL, and it’s not even close.  Stank-0 personally loves his touchdown antics and will be willing to scalp purchase ridiculously overpriced tickets to Fedex Field to watch him.  Can you imagine the buzz Ocho would cause in DC?  Agent Zero and Ocho Cinco?  Sounds like a comic book convention, but Stank-0 would be lovin it. Alas, Marvin Lewis has pissed in our koolaid. cross posted here.