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Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. We should all be mad at Roger for insulting our intelligence. So we’ve learned a few things today as a result of the congressional meeting on Capitol hill. 1. Andy Pettitte is terrified of going to jail, even if it means ratting out his best friend. He’s singing like a canary to get this mess behind him. I hope Roger never did anything “at bandcamp”, or Andy’s telling. 2. Debbie Clemens admitted to taking two ‘test shots’ of HGH because Brian McNamee suggested it. She made it seem like he forced her into taking this, when in reality her vanity issues were the most likely cause. 3. Although his best friend, wife, and personal trainer have all admitted to dealing with performance enhancing drugs, Roger claims he knew absolutely nothing about any of it.I believe this extraordinary act of lying in the face of mountainous evidence puts Clemens in the “O.J. Simpson” category. Or Shaggy in the “It wasn’t me” video from back in the day. She caught you naked on the bathroom floor Shaggy… just admit it!!Whatever happened to friends to the end, like Greg Anderson aka G-Money? Greg did two stints in jail to get Barry Bonds’ back, refusing to talk to prosecutors who were hot on his boy’s trail. Andy Pettitte is not hip hop.