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dead prez goes green is a call to action, a lifestyle campaign that encourages holistic health awareness, advocates environmental justice, sustainability and economic development for what is commonly referred to as the ‘Hood.

1. Going Green Means Economic Development. The opportunity and the necessity to serve the needs of our people are here.  We can serve the needs of our communities with holistic, fair priced, life-affirming products. We need to be more than just consumers, contributing to the Green Revolution as producers, suppliers and distributors. Let’s continue creating opportunities for the Green movement that not only fit the needs of our community, but that develop economic opportunities as well. Let’s ride!

2. We Ain’t Gotta’ Be Sick. The hood suffers from allergies, asthma and other preventable sicknesses that can be controlled and often times eliminated with education, access to healthy food choices, economic development and conscious effort. The conventional Medical Industry is making a killing off our oppression, illnesses and bad habits. Let’s ride!

3. It Costs More To Be Unhealthy Than It Does To Be Healthy.  In our communities, complaints over the high prices of organic and natural products are completely warranted. This is a fight that must be won through our participation, advocating a Greener lifestyle. Stay away from processed foods, which are bad for our health. Know that fresh produce is still the cheapest and healthiest option in our grocery stores. Veganism and Vegetarianism was a part of ancient Afrikan cultures; it is our wisdom. We just have to seek understanding and apply it. To quote the Nation of Islam’s Founder, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, “We must learn to eat to live, not just live to eat.”

4. Self Love is Taking Care of Ya’ Self. Curly or wavy, nappy or knotty, full or free. Natural hair is beautiful, strong and expresses the vibrancy of your internal being and wellness. Stop trying to meet the false physical standards imposed by society. This is harmful not only physically due to toxic chemically altered products but also psychologically as it enforces low self-esteem. Let’s express our love for self. Be confident in you. It’s healing and it’s good. 

5. Drug addiction, Drug Abuse and Just Plain, Old Over-Doing It.  Alcohol abuse and other recreational toxic substances rob our community of much of its potential.  Rather than focusing on methods of escapism, we can use our energy more effectively in fighting the system and providing proper care for our families. Let’s inspire the ongoing fight for people’s political power and reachable health goals.

The choices we make with whatever resources we have will determine what we get out of life. It doesn’t stop here. Neither Holistic Health, Environmental Justice or Sustainable Living exist in a vacuum. As long as Capitalism and its ideals of profit at all costs exist in the world, there will be a need to stay vigilant on every front. The Green movement is ONE of many batt