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I laughed so hard thinking to myself who gives a sh*t about Will I. Am or Perez Hilton?? Why should I blog about them?? Its probably a waste of words and nobody would read it. The reality is people do care…when its convenient.

Listen, I don’t know what sparked the feud between the two but obviously it led to a physical altercation and a terrible war of words. Words which not only offend each other but it offends each others culture.

Let’s keep it 100%, have you ever been in an argument and used words that were beyond insulting?

Keep it real!! When you fight your intent is to hurt and hurt at any cost. Everyone of us has used the words n*gg*r, b*tch, fa**ot…etc at one point in our lives.

While you were only trying to desinigrate your adversary, you’ve wound up demoralizing an entire culture. And on top of that, you’ve shown true colors in a small way.

Hey, that’s a part of being human. Everyone’s been in oppressed in some manner and within that, there’s a build up of hate which doesn’t go away overnight. Is that an excuse to go around and sling those words at a fellow human being?? No, but its an indication of how far we haven’t come.

Listen, this is not a self righteous blog. Its more of a ‘I’m going to say what you might be thinking’. I think its unwise to start boycotting albums, websites or any source of these 2 imbeciles revenue stream. They had a disagreement and they must solve it amongst themselves (and it seems the punch solved 1/2 the beef). Its not for us to referee it or take advantage of the situation to heal the world.

Its just opinion, not law. By the way….the only people who can truly apologize for slavery are our forefathers. So apology unaccepted and give me a reparations check!!

Rasheed Young

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