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For today’s App of the Day, it’s baseball, TV and customer service. We want great customer service to match whatever item we’re buying, whether that item is 99 cents or $250. It feels good knowing that our hard earn dollars are getting us a great product as well as great customer service. But what happens when things don’t work in our favor? What do you do when the service you’re paying for isn’t exactly great? What do you do, write a note to the manager and leave it in a suggestion box? Maybe, if you lived in 1995. No, today we have apps. Specifically an app called Tello. Read about it below. 

What: Tello

Made By: Joe Beninato

What It Does:With Tello and your mobile phone, you can rate the customer service you receive from any employee at any business in just seconds. You can also post your ratings online so others can read about your experiences or warnings. So the next time you’re at Target and a cashier is playing ‘Angry Birds’ instead of checking your dishwashing liquid, take to Tello and let Target know they have a problem.

Platform:Android and iPhone

How Much: Free


The old and the new: Tello vs a ratings card.


Is there a baseball fanatic in your life? Does he or she own an iPad? Read on!

What: Pennant

What It Does: Gives you info about every baseball game since 1950. It pulls information from the web and gives you a team’s history or performance against other teams or game results in a cool timeline. 


How Much: $5


Pennant screen on the iPad.


Watch TV and video on your Android phone with this.

What: PlayOn

Made By: MediaMall Technologies

What It Does: Lets you stream/watch TV to a whole range of  devices including PS3 and now, your Android powered phone. Watch CBS, Comedy Central, Netflix, etc. You’ll need to install some software on your PC (it’s PC only) before you can play on. 


How Much: $40 a year subscription

Where To Get It: Android Market.

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