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Donald Trump isn’t a racist but he is a liar, according to Roland Martin. The American journalist, TV commentator and frequent CNN contributor has been on a rampage as of late when the conversation turns to “The Donald.”

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Martin went on a Twitter rant about Trump calling the real estate mogul pathetic and a travesty. In a tweet this morning, Roland said “Do not support Trump’s #CelebrityApprentice. He’s a travesty. I refuse to stay at Trump hotels; will NOT watch #CelebrityApprentice or buy products that continue to advertise on his show. He’s pathetic.”

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Trump answered the claims about being a racist and stated “I am the least racist person on the planet. I have a great record on that, especially in terms of my friendships. And I have never heard of Roland Martin.”

After all the back and forth, GlobalGrind decided to reach out to Martin to ask him his thoughts on the matter. Here’s our conversation.


What makes Trump so pathetic in your opinion?

When you blatantly lie, and when you have folks that keep putting a liar on the air, to me that is ridiculous. It’s unbelievable when you know what is factually correct and you have a guy that sits here and says, I disagree with it. I don’t care what you’ve factually proven and then to keep acting like that’s the case. That’s his whole deal, the facts do not matter.

Do you think he’s a racist?

I think he’s playing along those lines of race, it speaks to the undermining of the president who is Black. Here’s what’s going on with this  issue on who’s a racist and who isn’t—what we have decided is basically, it’s very easy to refute the racist label, because if you use the n-word or if you do something along those lines, if you forward a racist cartoon, oh, that makes me a racist. So people are able to knock that down by saying, “I’m not racist, I have Black people on my show, I have Black friends.” But there is no doubt that he is using this coded language and feeding into the mindset of these folks who don’t like the fact that this president is African American. 


We reached out to Mr. Trump and gave him the quote and said, “I am the least racist person on the planet. I have a great record on that, especially in terms of my friendship.” And he took a shot at you and said, “I’ve never heard of Roland Martin.” What do you think about that?

Well, first of all, I don’t really care if Donald Trump has not heard of me. But let me tell you something, this notion of “I’m not a racist because of my friends,” Mel Gibson said the same thing. Here’s what we can say, though. Donald Trump is a flat out liar. He went on television and said that he was told that the President’s birth certificate is missing then wouldn’t say who told it. That was a lie. The birth certificate wasn’t missing. But he refuses to even acknowledge his lie. So, at the end of the day, if you want to have to questions about something, have legitimate questions, but who are you, Donald Trump, to say, “Oh, he wasn’t good enough to get in to Harvard and Colombia.” Well, guess what Donald? He got in and excelled. He’s the President, get over it. 

Let me tell you something, being a so-called billonaire does not make you immune to stupidity. Being someone who has built massive things and who hires thousands of people, and also filed for bankruptcies three times does not make you a genius and make you somebody who is going to be the honory member of Menza. 

This is a guy who has flat out lied, so he is being called out for being a liar and as a person who is a lover of golf ¬– again though, I made it clear. I was in Hawaii for 10 days, I had several black and gold tees that I pulled out of my bag, Trump national golf tees. I wouldn’t even use the damn tees, I will not stay in his hotel, I will not spend money on anything from Donald Trump. Because this man sat there and lied about our President and acted like he didn’t and that is shameful and he should be ashamed of himself.


Do you think he will run for president?

Hell no! Quote me as clear as day, Donald Trump does not have the guts to run for President. I’m a native of Texas and there is a saying we have in Texas, you’re all hat and no cattle, and when it comes to politics, Donald Trump is all hat and no cattle. Donald Trump does not have the guts to stand on that stage and debate against serious people who are running for office. He reminds of that scene from that movie “American President” when the Michael Douglas character says “your 15 minutes are up.” This is a man who is toying with the idea of presidency, pure and simple. I can guarantee you right now, Donald Trump will not be on the ballot in Iowa for the first doggone caucus. He will not be on the ballot in New Hampshire, he is not going to campaign in South Carolina, because he does not have the intestinal fortitude to run for President of the United States. He knows he will lose and he knows he will be rejected and he knows that Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum will make him look like an utter fool.

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