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The White House is standing by its decision to invite the rapper Common to participate in a poetry event despite all the hate coming from the conservative right wing. 

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White House spokesman Jay Carney says President Barack Obama has spoken out against violent and misogynistic music lyrics. Carney says Common has earned praise for being a socially conscious rapper. He adds that Obama appreciates Common’s work trying to get children in their Chicago hometown interested in poetry.

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The White House inviting Common to a poetry reading is ruffling the feathers of the folks at Fox News. Sean Hannity was on his game last night as he devoted two segments of his show to Michelle Obama‘s decision to invite the Chicago born M.C.

Hannity feels that President Obama is going back to his radical roots by inviting Common to the White House. “Obama goes back to his radical roots again and again and again: Ayers, Wright, Pflager.” Common, getting word that Fox News and Sarah Palin were taking shots at him tweeted, “So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn’t like me.” 

With President Obama riding high right now in the wake of killing the number one terrorist in the world, as well as quieting the birthers, is Fox News reaching for something that isn’t there? Seems so.

Common addressed all the Fox News hate coming his way by posting on his facebook page “Politics is politics and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I respect that. The one thing that shouldn’t be questioned is my support for the police officers and troops that protect us every day. Peace yall!”


It’s always amusing when media outlets paint a picture with a headline that is far from the truth. Most recently, articles abound about Michelle Obama inviting hip-hop artist Common to the White House to take part in an event celebrating American poetry.

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Mrs. Obama has always opened the doors to the White House in an effort to widen the scope of music and culture. Through the White House music series that has celebrated jazz, country, classical, Motown and Latin music in 2009, Mrs. Obama has also arranged salutes to Broadway, the music of the Civil Rights Movement and Judith Jamison, an Alvin Ailey dancer and artistic director.

Michelle Obama inviting Common to perform poetry and run a rap workshop with school children shouldn’t be a surprise. But leave it to news outlets like the Drudge Report whose headline reads, “First Lady to host rapper who talks of killing cops, burning Bush…” This makes it seem as though Michelle Obama will be sitting down with Common and commending him about his lyrics toward Bush. 

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The fact of the matter is, yes, Common has had some unkind words for George W. Bush and police officers, but who hasn’t had disagreements with Bush or the police? Furthermore, there have been far worse people invited to the White House than Common! 


Fox News said “vile rapper” Common is being invited to the White House for a poetry jam. This is the poem everyone is rattled by: “A Letter to the Law.” 


The Rush:

Back in 2009, controversial, and oftentimes outrageous, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh attended the Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House.


Gate Crashers:

Remember these two? Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House State dinner in 2009, getting so close that they were able to pose for pictures with Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff at the time, Rahm Emanuel. At least Common was invited. They weren’t. 


The Italian Horn Dog:

Back in 2008 then President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush held a White House dinner in honor of Italtian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Currently Berlusconi is on trial for bribery and a slew of other charges dealing with prostitutes and money.

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