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Things aren’t looking too good for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. The 18-year-old has had a rough year and a half between rumors of an alleged sex tape and the pictures of her allegedly snorting cocaine.

Then there is the most recent news of her being arrested due to gun play, which turned out to be false despite reports that a gun was found in the car on the night in question. To add insult to injury, Whitney Houston checked herself into rehab yesterday, begging the question: Who can save Bobbi Kristina from getting into more (alleged) trouble?

Well, fortunately for Bobbi, the hip-pop community has a few artists that can act as some source of counsel for her. From Mary J. Blige ― who knows a little something something about eliminating drama ― to Jessie J, a newcomer who can offer the message “Nobody’s Perfect,” go to the next page to see Bobbi Kristina’s fairy godmothers. 


Mary J. Blige

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul knows all about turning things around. Mary J. used to sing about her desire to be happy and now, after years of eliminating the drama, the diva is seemingly free from her past demons.


Jessie J

Fairly new on the scene, Jessie J might not seem like the obvious choice for a hip-pop godmother, but we think the British star can share some of the messages present in her music … for starters the lyrics on “Nobody’s Perfect.”



Monica has seen her fair share of ups and downs that make her a great role model for Bobbi Kristina. In 1999, Monica was engaged to rapper C-Murder, who’s currently in jail serving a life sentence. “Miss Thang” then moved on from that relationship into the arms of a reported drug dealer. Nowadays, Monica makes better choices when picking a mate, like Lakers player Shannon Brown. 


Queen Latifah

All hail the queen! For the past decade, Dana Owens, commonly known as Queen Latifah, has been the perfect role model for any young girl of any race/ethnicity, so she’d be a great godmother for Whitney Houston’s offspring. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, we’re sure Latifah has dodged a few bullets to stay out of trouble.

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