Tyler, the CreatorOdd Future‘s de facto frontman, is releasing his sophomore album “Goblin” today (May 10) and while his musings on rape and violence might keep some people away, we here at GlobalGrind came up with five reasons why it’s worth a buy.

1. Organic Buzz
It’s been a minute since an artist, yet alone a collective, has been able to build a buzz without the help of a superstar’s support and cosign.

The rapper and his collective managed to build an organic following without the help of the usual suspects, i.e. Weezy, know-it-all hip-hop blogs and social media.


2. “Yonkers” video
It’s not every day that an artist vomits in their video. We recommend picking up Tyler’s new album, if he promises not to blow chunks on camera … but let’s not pretend we’re not looking forward to what he’ll do next. Tyler, Frank Ocean and the rest of the crew filmed the video for “She” last month and it appears he’s moved from vomiting to stalking.


3. “Window”
Unlike old school hip-hop collectives like the Wu-Tang Clan, OFWGKTA don’t record altogether, so “Window” should be a treat. The song is the only track on “Goblin” that features Domo Genesis, Mike G, Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean. Earl the Sweatshirt is missing from the track, but … Well, rumor has it Earl is in Samoa. Also, Sweatshirt’s mom has prohibited the release of his music.


4. Alt Hip-Hop is Worth a Shot
We’re so used to hearing the same sound, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else out there. Tyler, the Creator and his OFWGKTA crew are creating their own lane, a lane that acts as an alternative to the hip-hop we’ve been fed for the last few decades.


5. A Sneak Peak Into Tyler’s Therapy Sessions
“Goblin” continues the conversations, which began in “Bastard,” between Tyler and his (fictional) therapist. It’s a little seedy, but who doesn’t want to know what people talk about when opening up to someone who’s paid not to judge. Also, the rapper and his crew have been criticized for glorifying rape, so we’re hoping Tyler gets a little closer to sorting out his issues on “Goblin.”

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