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From what’s going on in the Capitol to what’s happening oversees, we have it all. 

Today we see that Jimmy McMillian is back and is fighting alongside the Tea Party while Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi stays defiant.

Inside the Capitol

Where: Washington D.C.

Who: Jimmy Mcmillian

What Happened:  Jimmy McMillan, yea “The Rent is too damn high guy” has joined the Tea Party for pro-oil exploration campaign. Take a look at what he had to say.


GlobalGrind’s Global Mind

Where: Libya

What Happened: “You can’t kill me.” Muammar Gaddafi is sounding like Tupac. The defiant Libyan leader said to NATO “I tell the cowardly crusader (NATO) that I live in a place they cannot reach and where you cannot kill me …. I live in the hearts of the millions,” said the voice, which sounded like Gaddafi’s. There was no accompanying video.


Take It In The Ring

Contenders: Jim Cramer vs Jon Stewart

Match: Remember that dude who always screams about money and stocks? Yea, Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and a former hedge fund manager is still steaming about how The Daily Show host Jon Stewart clowned him. In a profile in the New York Times magazine, Cramer says he wished he’d been more outspoken to one particularly famous critic. In the profile, Cramer discusses that now famous exchange with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart: “When Stewart talked about how his 75-year-old mother lost money in the market, I could have said: ‘Hey, your brother Larry Leibowitz is one of the heads of the New York Stock Exchange. Why didn’t he give your mom advice?”


Shame On You

Who: Crazy Man

Where: Tenerife

What: A British woman in her 60’s went to the supermarket this morning in the town of Arona on the Spanish resort island of Tenerife. That was her last mistake. According to witnesses, an attacker, who is thought to be a homeless man of Bulgarian origin, entered the store, grabbed a knife and launched a frenzied and unprovoked attack on the woman. He then decapitated her before leaving the store carrying her head.


Hero of the day

Who: San Francisco child welfare

What: It’s about time child services stepped in. Kerry Campbell is the mom who injects her 8-year-old daughter with Botox, and now San Francisco child welfare services is investigating her. “It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with botox and certainly is grounds for an investigation,” said a spokesperson for the agency.


Better Than Fiction

Character: Bernie Maddoff

Plot Line: Robert De Niro has played every thing from good guys to the worst of the worts, but now he might sign on to play the best thief in American history, Bernie Madoff. According to Deadline, De Niro is in talks to star in the HBO adaptation of the freshly released book, “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust,” taking on the role of the epic ponzi scheme swindler Madoff himself.



This Day In History

Year: 1998

What: On this day in 1998, the legendary singer, actor and show-business icon Frank Sinatra dies of a heart attack in Los Angeles, at the age of 82.