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This week’s photos are just off the wall bonkers. We circled the globe looking for the craziest most insane pictures we could find and we think we did.

The picture above shows a man pulling a woman in her wedding gown to safety after she threatened to jump out a seventh-floor window in Changchun, China. 

STORY: Are You Serious? Photos Of The Week

Next we go to South Korea, where hundreds of sex workers and pimps make a dramatic statement as their businesses are shut down to make room for redevelopment. 

Last but not least, we meet the man that has been making news all week, former I.M.F. head  Dominique Strauss-Kahn;we get a candid shot of him sitting in a Rikers Island prison cell. 

We can’t make these pictures up so look for yourselves.


It Ain’t Easy Being A Pimp:

In their underwear and covered in body paint, some of the protesting prostitutes doused themselves in flammable liquid during the demonstration in an attempt to set themselves on fire, May 17, 2011.


The Rapist:

A photo from May 18, 2011, shows Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the prison complex at Rikers Island in New York City, where he was held for several days before being granted bail.

Are You Serious?:

Camilla, the Chihuahua developed a skin disorder after being kept in a handbag.

The Lego Room:

The defining image of President Obama watching the raid from the White House Situation Room also got the toy brick treatment.


By An Inch:

Mexican bullfighter Mario Aguilar is charged by a 485 kg bull, during the Feria de San Marcos 2010 in Mexico.


Bad Barber:

Apprentice Hyun Bong cries as his head is shaved by Buddhist monks during a service to celebrate Buddha’s upcoming birthday in Seoul.


They Get High:

Laborers work at the construction site of a commercial complex in the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar on May 19. The infrastructure sector accounts for more than a quarter of India’s industrial output.


Fire & Ice:

Firefighters battle a fire at a chemical plant in the Tongzhou district in Beijing on May 17. The fire burned for about three hours and caused $30,000 in damages. No one was killed.