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Before we get started, a big Rest In Peace shout goes to M-Bone of Cali Swag District. The Dougie is a worldwide phenomenon and a group of kids from L.A. are responsible for this. M was a part of this movement and sadly won’t get to celebrate the spoils of success because of ignorance. Even though I never knew you M, I tip my hat and raise my glass in your honor for the gift you gave to all of us through music.

Now if you haven’t noticed, a changing of the guard has been taking place in hip-hop music lately. New rappers of all different flavors are popping up from Brooklyn to Compton. Ace Hood is an example of that new guard and he unleashed another sure fire track this week, “Go N Get It.” This follows up his super smash hit “Hustle Hard” (and its many remixes). Producer Lex Lugar and Ace seem to have a formula and if it ain’t broke, why change it? Of course if Lex is on the track, you know this is tailor-fitted motivation music for the club.


Next up, off the highly anticipated “Self Made” project comes Wale‘s new heater for the divas “That Way.” Singer Jeremih gets down on this track. Of course Ricky Rozay makes a quick appearance like the phantom. It was genius to leak this out because it’s a different sound for all involved. Ross’s Maybach invasion has taken the music industry by storm with tracks like “Tupac’s Back” and “BMF.” These tracks have a similar sound. “That Way” though, is a mellowed out, smoked out flip of the Curtis Mayfield classic “Give Me Your Love.” Lex Lugar took a break from his usual format on this record to get on that smooth shit. Peep… 


New to Saturday mornings is Brownsville own Maffew Ragazino. When you say Brownsville you don’t even need to say Brooklyn. Dirty ‘Ville is famous like Compton, The South Side or Lil Haiti; you know these hoods and their geographical local. Brownsville is infamous for many things like M.O.P., Mike Tyson, Pitkin Ave, The Bootcamp Clik and now Maffew. This new record “Black Sheep” is perfect way to get familiar with Ragz if your new to his music. Maffew has the attention of NYC and the co-sign of vet’s like the legendary DJ Clark Kent. Dare I say next year’s XXL Freshman class is already looking gully.


Let’s keep in BK with a new head knocker from Skyzoo “Written In The Drums.” For those not in the know, Skyzoo is a well traveled MC with many different styles to show. The one thing though that is constant with this Duck Down MC is that there is wisdom in the rhymes he spits. Zoo is no newcomer, so google if you need the story. Respect to producer Swiff D on this because from the moment you press play, you’re gonna need a neck brace.


Finally Drake quietly leaked out a super tough treat in “Dreams Money Can Buy.” Drizzy does a lot less ‘sanging’ and really verbalizes true life scenarios mixed up with money and fame in only a way The Prince of Young Money could do. You have to admire the way Drake continues to break bread with his Toronoto brethren producer Noah ’40’ Shebib. 40 never disappoints when it comes to the production side of things. “Dreams Money Can Buy” is definitely going to have mixshow radio buzzing this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

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