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This week’s photos are just off the wall bonkers. We circled the globe looking for the craziest most insane pictures we could find and we think we did. The picture above shows a dude who stripped down to his underwear on a New York City train while giving strangers a free show. The male stripper, wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a pair of heels, went pole dancing with his buddies.

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Next we go to Iceland, where we catch an aerial view taken of the Grímsvötn volcano eruption. The volcano’s eruption over the weekend was more powerful than another volcano explosion a year ago, but caused far less chaos for travelers. 

Last but not least, we meet Mason the dog who walked 300 miles on broken legs after a tornado tossed him up and left him for dead. We can’t make these pictures up so look for yourselves.


There She Blows:

An aerial view taken on May 21st shows the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano in Iceland. Ash clouds forced airport closures and hundreds of flight cancellations in Britain, Germany and elsewhere in northwestern Europe.


Mama Got Skills: 

Tiffany Goodwin, of Fredericksburg Va., robs her husband Allen of a foul ball while holding her eight-month-old son Jerry on May 15th. The family was attending a minor league baseball game between the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Harrisburg Senators at The Diamond in Richmond, Va. The Goodwins have season tickets for the Squirrels games. The image of Tiffany’s catch has become an Internet sensation.


So Sad:

Rescue workers retrieve a body from the rubble of a police station that was leveled by explosives from a suicide car bomber in Peshawar, Pakistan, on May 25th. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least five policemen and a soldier.



A destroyed apartment complex is seen on May 24th in an aerial view over Joplin, Mo. The town was hit by the deadliest single tornado recorded in the U.S. in more than six decades.


What The F*ck?:

No one knows what the hell this thing appears to be all anyone knows was that it was found under the Brooklyn Bridge. Do you know?



A newborn baby rests in a box while listening to music played through earphones in Saca Hospital in Kosice, east Slovakia. The hospital uses music as therapy for newborn babies when they are separated from their mothers.

Wonder Pup:

Mason the dog walked 300 miles on broken legs, the plucky pup crawled home on two broken legs after a tornado tossed him up and left him for dead. He had been hiding in a garage in North Smithfield, Alabama, when the storm hit on April 27.