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Beyonce likes to “Party” especially when she has Andre 3000 and Kanye West by her side. 

A snippet of “Party” was leaked last week, but the highly anticipated collaboration has finally been heard. Rapper Kanye West, who produced the hot track, kicked off the “Party” with a few intro bars, “You a bad girl/ And your friends bad too/You got the swag sauce/ You’re dripping swagu.” 

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Beyonce takes the reigns from there to add her melodic voice to the feel good track. Beyonce sings, “Cause tonight’s the night that I give you everything/ Music knocking until the morning light/ ‘Cause we like to party.” 

What’s a hot song without the playful rhymes of Andre 3000? Andre swags out the track with his 16 bars, “Never thought that we could become someone else’s hero/ Man, we were just in the food court eating our gyros.”

“Party” is the perfect party song for the summer. Take a listen below!