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Odd Future and Chris Brown‘s beef is still not over!

It was clear after Friday’s feud between Odd Future and Chris Brown via Twitter, that there was still some unsettled business.

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Odd Future performed at the House of Blues in their hometown of Los Angeles, California Saturday night, where a fired up crowd began to chant “F*** Chris Brown!”

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Other OFWGKTA members made attacking comments about the R&B singer, saying “He’s a loser.”

Tyler, the Creator added, “He beats up women, he’s a bitch.” Now those are fighting words!

VIDEO: Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Want To Get Next To You 

What’s with the beef on Twitter? We thought the Chris Brown ordeal blew over awhile ago.

Can’t we all just get along and make good music? Where’s the love?

Check out a clip of Odd Future in L.A. below!

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