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Feeling beefy? Why wait? Get on Twitter.

We all know that Twitter beef seems to be more trendy than Hunter boots and iPads, but when do you OD with the Twitter thugging? 

GlobalGrind wants to give you a few helpful tips to avoid Twitter beef, as it’s NOT cool, but unfortunately it’s just entertaining. GlobalGrind also wants to give you a few tips as to how to conduct yourself when your timeline fills up with offensive sh*t about your mama or baby mama, your flawed facial features, the last case you caught, or your apparent issue with domestic violence from a Twitter enemy. 

Now everyone knows that people like to talk sh*t via the internet for many reasons, one obviously being that it’s easy and safe to fire a few shots while looking at a computer screen or Twitter app, but that sh*t is WEAK. 

If you have called someone a c*nt, f*ggot, gay nut, motherf*cker, son of a bitch, or used f*ck, damn, hoe, slut, whore, smut bucket, c*m rag, or any other derogatory name towards a Twitter enemy, than you’ve gone too far already.

Twitter is supposed to be the land of the cool, so you have to keep your cool. 

Here are some Twitter beef rules and regulations:

If you see a subliminal tweet in your timeline and you think it’s about you, it probably is, but damnit it’s Twitter. Twitter is the land of shit talking, the land of subliminals, the land of you can say whatever the f*ck you want, BUT, don’t get mad when you pop off and Twitter turns to gangland with shots fired.

With that said, if you’re a natural born bully, like 95 percent of Americans, then it’ll be certainly hard to ignore or let some little punk talk sh*t via Twitter, so this is what you do. 

You gut punch that ass! Yeah, we said iy. Hit them with a good ass so low that even the devil wouldn’t stoop one liner and then keep mum.

I know most of you are going to say, well, they’re going to keep talking sh*t. Well, this is where self-control comes into play. More than likely, you’ll run into the person you’re beefing with via Twitter, because no one beefs with perfect strangers on Twitter, except celebrities of course, but they’re in another book.   

When you run into your Twitter enemy out in the streets, walk up to them nicely and say, “What you got to say now b*tch?” If they buck up, then you may have a problem, but if they punk out then clearly you’re the more legit Twitter thug and people must pay homage.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Twitter beef let’s refer back to a great hip-hop quote and as Lil Jon would say, “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”

Ladies and gentleman, stop talking sh*t on Twitter, talk sh*t in person. Matter of fact, just don’t talk sh*t, be about sh*t and go paper chase.

Brittany Lewis

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