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Beyonce is getting ready for her upcoming Glastonbury performance in Europe with her Nice, France set. Last night, Beyonce brought all the single ladies to her concert in Nice France. Beyonce tore down the house for the fine Frenchmen. With Glastonbury Festival coming soon, Beyonce makes nice with her European fans. [Rap-Up]

Canadian kitten Avril Lavigne is ditching her punk rock pop musical sound for more of a bubble gum pop album. Avril revealed that she wants to make a more fun pop album. [Idolator

Cee-Lo Green has a master plan and a new Gnarls Barkley album is in it. Cee-Lo announced that he’s teaming back up with Danger Mouse to start creating new Gnarls Barkley music. The odd couple should release a new album by the end of the year or early 2012. [Idolator]

Lady Gaga plays with her littlest “monster” in Canada. Lady Gaga ran into an adorable little girl who’s also an adoring fan. Lady Gaga played and danced with the little girl while in the airport. Check out the pictures. [Idolator]

I think every one around the world watched the video of Amy Winehouse’s horrible performance yesterday. Well, since then, she’s canceled her whole European tour. The wino singer is heading back to rehab for the umpteenth time. Hope she gets better soon. [PopCrush]