We often hope for the return of our favorite music groups that have come and gone, but does there come a point where we can live without a comeback?

When “Cry Me a River” climbed to the top of the charts, the chances of Justin Timberlake jumping back on board with N*Sync were null and void. Lil Wayne had no plans of being just a Hot Boy when Tha Carter hit the shelves. And Thriller‘s release was a little too late for Michael Jackson to go back to being a fifth of the Jackson 5.

As the women formerly known as Destiny’s Child thrive in their own endeavors, the rumored reuniting of the group seems unfair and simply pointless in light of each woman’s solo success. Michelle Williams has worked tirelessly since the group’s disbandment to produce quality Gospel music for her fans. Kelly Rowland‘s recent success due to the hit “Motivation” has been long-awaited and should not be paused to relive the destiny. While Kelly continues to dominate the radios and Beyonce’s fourth solo album 4 awaits release, it is safe to say that the music industry benefits more from those three superstars than one dynamic group.

Though Beyonce has without a doubt had the most flourishing career of the group, there is growing room at the top and evidently other songstresses want a grab at the throne. In little under 12 years Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle have had their separate grinds, developing their own style of music, writing and dress, not to mention book-writing and perfume launches. This suspected reunion would undoubtedly be a fail for fans who have invested time and money into the women as separate, unique artists.

So, yes, there is a time in an artist’s career when comeback season comes to a close. Of course GlobalGrind would appreciate a good collab track or holiday cd if the ladies chose to do so on their own time, but the thought of things reverting back to “Beyonce and those two other girls” doesn’t quite tickle our fancy.

Liane Robinson

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