The Daily Grind Video

Justin Bieber, Diggy Simmons and Russell Simmons enjoyed a day on a boat in the Hamptons and all took turns planking.  Justin and Diggy got things going with the two of them doing a double plank, while Uncle Rush did a single, middle of the boat plank.  Justin ended the session with the new half-plank, which is pushing planking to a new level.  Speaking of pushing planking to a new level, Russell was seen yesterday in his office doing what is now being called the yoga plank, which only Uncle Rush can do.  Enjoy the flicks. 

PHOTO: Russell Simmons Does The Yoga Plank

#TeamDiggy and #TeamBieber.  And oh by the way, go catch Selena Gomez’ new movie, Monte Carlo, cause JB said so.


Russell Simmons planking.


Justin Bieber planking.