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Did we hear someone rap the words retirement? Yup and this time it isn’t Jay-Z.

“Grove St.” rapper Waka Flocka is retiring. Well at least, that’s what he claims. Waka took to his Twitter page to vent about his frustrations with the rap game and then he dropped a bomb on his “No Hands” fans.

Waka tweeted, “This game 2 fake I quite rap after this year.” Say word?! Wow Waka, everyone knew you were a real-talk kind of rapper, but calling in an early retirement can’t be the answer. 

Like so many other rappers, Waka now joins the ever growing list of emcees who’ve announced their retirement. 

The question is, does Waka really have the balls to hang up his overnight success over people being “fake?” Our guess is probably not. Waka will be throwing his “splish splash” ad-libs on a track next summer. 

In 2003, Jay-Z made a huge announcement that he was retiring from the rap game. He even made an entire album, sold out New York City’s Madison Square Garden and had a party, all for his “retirement.” 

Jay-Z disappeared from the rap limelight for two years as he served as President of Def Jam records. Just like Jordan, Jay came out of retirement and dropped “Kingdom Come.” Eight years after his “retirement” announcement, Jay is still going strong in the rap game. 

No one knows if Waka is really planning on retiring, or if this is a publicity stunt to sell more records. 

Find out which rapper was the first to ever publicly announce “retirement” on the next few pages!


Waka Flocka announced last night on Twitter that he was quitting the rap game at the end of the year.  


Oakland-born rapper Too $hort was the first rapper to officially announce his retirement in 1996. He didn’t stay away from the game too long. He came back and released his hit “Blow The Whistle” and has been collaborating with hot new artists like Wiz Khalifa. 


In an all out record selling war with Kanye West, rapper 50 Cent claimed he’d retire if Kanye West sold more records than him. To his surprise, Kanye out sold him by a long shot, but 50 didn’t retire.  


Fame was starting the drive Kid Cudi crazy, so he announced to his fans that he’d be retiring. After much backlash from his fans, Kid Cudi “un-retired.” 


In a recent interview with XXL magazine, Lil Wayne claimed that he’d retire while still on top of the rap game.  


No Limit rapper Master P is probably the only rapper to actually retire from rapping for real. That is until he recently released a collaborative track with his son Romeo entitled, “Meagan Good.”