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To all my Republican friends, billionaires and multi-millionaires, stop bitching and pay your damn taxes. How dare you make record profits and not want to contribute more to fixing our problems while some in our country are suffering the worst economic times since the Great Depression? I DON’T NEED A TAX BREAK. I AM RICH. AND SO ARE YOU!

STORY: Stop The Bitchin’ And Get To Work!

The Vice President was right when he told the Republican leaders to “get real” during yesterday’s White House negotiations. Who amongst us is stupid enough to support politicians that want to protect guys with corporate jets and five homes around the world? What rock are we living under? I know this may not sound like the voice of a yogi, but even Krishna would have told Arjuna stop crying and pay your damn taxes. So, stop this nonsense and start giving.


All of the billionaires and multi-millionaires who think they work hard, tell me what box you lifted today? Most of you, not all of you, but most of you got some lucky break or your daddy left you all that you needed. I know, for one, I am one of the very lucky ones. Talent was a small second to the luck I’ve had while building my businesses. The “hard work” is the fun part; the only happiness we get is derived from that service. We know from all the scriptures that the results of the labor make can us sick. And holding onto the fruits of our labor will definitely make us sick.

The President has shown he is willing to make compromises and make difficult decisions to put this country back on the right track while it seems that all you want to do is play Russian roulette with the most vulnerable people of our nation. The President is showing leadership and you Republicans are showing how silver your pockets are lined by the corporate interests. That is not acceptable and you should be targeted for support. You ought to know full well that we cannot decrease our deficit by only cutting our spending. We MUST raise revenue. And those who have made the most should give the most.

I am ready to write my check and you should be ready too. Rant over. Namaste.

-Russell Simmons