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Jonnie Marbles is the man that attacked Rupert Murdoch by trying to smash a pie in his face earlier today. 

Marbles attempted to embarass the News Corp C.E.O., but was thwarted when Murdoch’s wife Wendi stepped in to save her husband.

STORY: Rupert Murdoch Attacked! (PHOTO)

As Reported By The New York Daily News:

Media titan Rupert Murdoch was hit with what appeared to be a shaving cream pie Tuesday, at the end of a Parliamentary hearing on phone hacking allegations against the mogul’s now-defunct News of the World newspaper. 
Shortly before the attack, the perpetrator outed himself on Twitter.

“It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done before #splat,” tweeted “Jonnie Marbles”, whose real name is Jonathan May-Bowles, according to a YouTube video he posted online last year.

In the video, May-Bowles says he lives in Windsor, England and opposes the British electoral system.

On his @JonnieMarbles Twitter account, May-Bowles identifies himself as an “Activist, comedian, father figure and all-round nonsense”. On his “Jonnie Marbles” Facebook page, May-Bowles posted a cartoon in which one character says to another, “You know how some people consider ‘may you have an interesting life’ a curse? – F*** those people. Wanna have an adventure?”

It appears May-Bowles is associated with the British activist organization “UK Uncut”, which protests tax avoidance and austerity cuts in the United Kingdom.

UK Uncut denied involvement with the attack, via its Twitter account.



The man who pied Rupert Murdoch today during the media baron’s Parliament testimony is Jonathan May-Bowles, who uses the alias “Jonnie Marbles.”


Jonnie Marbles performing for a group of people.


Jonnie Marbles being hauled off by police after his pie stunt.


Jonnie Marbles in custody after his attack on Rupert Murdoch.

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