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Eminem has been working with Royce Da 5’9″ a lot lately. The duo are currently in the process of working on releasing the second single off of their EP Hell: The Sequel. It was interesting to see what new video Em and Royce shot recently. Plus, one of our favorite new singers Bruno Mars is featured! [Rap-Up]

Chris Brown debuted his rap skills this year on his track “Look At Me Now,” and to everyone’s surprise, he isn’t too shabby. He has decided to take a break from singing for a little while and hone his rapping skills. Twitter was the medium Chris used to announce just how he’ll be doing so. [Rap-Up]

Singer Leona Lewis has been working her way back onto the scene. Her album Spirit was an amazing debut of her talent and work ethic, boasting several singles and #1 hits. Lately however, the star has not been so lucky when it comes to her music career. Find out what small beef she encountered over at Idolator.

Lady Gaga is currently seen as one of the most controversial singers to ever enter the music scene. The daredevil pop sensation has been at the top of music charts since she debuted. Although her fanbase ranges from young to old, we weren’t expecting to find out that a company with such a young target market would be comfortable promoting Mother Monster. [Idolator]