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Every time we see Jennifer Hudson, we can’t get enough of how wonderful she looks.

The transformation that Jennifer has gone through with her life and image is remarkable.

STORY: Jennifer Hudson: From Pressure, She Creates Diamonds by Russell Simmons

The soulful songstress was fooling around on the beach yesterday while in the Hamptons for Russell Simmons’ 12th Annual Art for Life Benefit. 

PHOTOS: Jennifer Hudson To Russell Simmons In Hamptons Magazine: “I Approach Everything As Art”

The singer brought down the house while partying with the Simmons clan, along with Mary J. Blidge, Taraji P. Henson and many more.

Check out pictures of the beauty on the beach having a grand ol’ time!


Jennifer Hudson blowing kisses from the Hamptons.


Jennifer having a grand old time at the beach in the Hamptons this weekend.


Jennifer Hudson drawing in the sand.


Jennifer Hudson sitting back and relaxing on the beach in the Hamptons.


Just look at how great Jennifer Hudson looks!

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