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Rihanna has been linked to a lot of guys, but this particular one is said to be her very first love.

Negus Sealy, which means “Love God” in Barbados to all the locals, has been spotted with RiRi and the two looked pretty friendly.

PHOTOS: Rihanna At The Kadooment Day Festivities

He and Rihanna dated back in 2006, but their love came to a halt, particularly when Rihanna gained international fame and left her home country.

According to a witness at the Kadooment Day festival in Barbados, the two couldn’t get enough of each other!

There are quite a few pictures of Rihanna and Negus dancing hot and heavy, but it could just be plain old fun. 

VIDEO: Rihanna’s Girl-On-Girl Grind!

We might never know, either way we know the two enjoy each other’s company, and how could they not at the craziness that was the Kadooment festivities.

Check out pictures of them from back in the day and now!


Rihanna and Negus doing some dirty dancing on a float.


Rihanna pours water while Negus admires from afar.


Rihanna and Negus back in 2006 on the beach holding hands.


Rihanna and Negus sharing moments in the water.