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Lance Gross is fresh off a great photoshoot and interview for Kore Magazine and is also filming for his new movie The Last Fall

The movie follows Gross’s character who is an NFL player who is hit with a very early retirement and has no idea what to do next. He goes back to his family and roots and tries to find a job and reconnect with his high school sweetheart. 

In the end, he has to choose which path to follow between his love and his dream of playing football again. 

Lance’s interview for Kore is very interesting and he reveals how his skin is so soft. “I just use Dove. I’m simple.”

We at GlobalGrind also interviewed Lance about his new movie so check it out and be sure to see his movie in 2012!


GlobalGrind: So tell us a little bit about your character.

Lance Gross: Kyle Bishop, he’s 25, he just recently  got cut from his fourth NFL team. This time, he doesn’t know where his career is gonna go so he returns home to all his friends and his family who have this assumption that he’s well off when that’s not necessarily the case. 

This story isn’t really told a lot because when people think of an NFL player, they think that they’re in financial freedom when that’s not the case. So Kyle was one of the players who was basically scraping the bottom of the barrel. He wasn’t getting paid much, he was barely getting by. So he has to return home to everybody and tell them he’s been cut. He doesn’t know where his career’s gonna go. When he heads home he reunites with his high school sweetheart, so he’s trying to work that out and overcome his obstacles.

So as you said, this is a really unique plot, we don’t see this too often. What do you think will be the most surprising thing for the audience this weekend when they go to see the movie?

I think it will just open their eyes to what’s really going on in the NFL. Because they’re the only sport, that doesn’t have a guaranteed contract. Basically teaching them that every NFL player isn’t balling like you seem to believe.


And you were an athlete at one point?


So coming from that background, having to get back on the field, what’s that been like? What’s the training been like?

Well,  I went to college on a full track and field scholarship. I graduated in 2004, so I completely stopped training and I stopped running, so this has shown me how out of shape I am. Today we were running football routes and I pulled a hamstring, I pulled my groin. So, I need to work out a little bit more.

But it’s been fun. It kind of reminiscent of old times, with the sports competition. So, it’s been fun. 

What’s been one of the best parts about shooting this film for you or one of your favorite moments on set? 

Just working with Nicole Behari. I’ve been a fan of hers, and I think she brings a big presence to the screen. Whenever she’s on screen, you want to watch her. I’ve always admired her work with “American Violet” and I’ve  wanted to work with her so being able to have her as my love interest has been kind of cool.


What’s it like working with Matthew Cherry? He has such a cool story and him bringing that onto the set with such a unique storyline for this movie, what’s that been like? 

Yeah, it’s been really cool. Matt is very easy to work with. I’ve known him for a couple of years through friends. So just being able to work with him and also share a producer credit, it’s been a learning experience. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do as far as executive producer and my hat’s off to him. I thank him for giving me that title.

So as executive producer, what can your fans expect to see? How can we see your hand on this creatively?

Well, this is just to start. I’m basically just getting my feet wet with this. I definitely plan to continue on with the behind the scenes aspect of it. I’ll still be in front of the scenes but I went to college for film production and I minored in acting so this was something that I always had planned to do. With this project, it sparked something with me. I want to continue to do it so I’m really thinking about directing my next film soon.

So can you tell us anything about that? 

It’ll definitely be an art film, so more on the visual side.  I wanted to be a video director back in the day so it’ll be … you just gotta watch it!