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Over the years, we’ve seen Diggy Simmons grow into a fine young man. 

It seems like he’s grown into a hip-hop mega star overnight, but it’s taken a lot of hard work and determination. 

With his hit single “Copy Paste,” breaking onto the Billboard music charts and its current reign on BET’s 106 & Park, Diggy has remained humble through it all.

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Grateful for all the love and support he’s received from his fans and family, Diggy continues to make great strides to become hip-hop’s next crowned prince.

GlobalGrind caught up with Diggy to talk about his highly anticipated album and his favorite moments on the “Closer To My Dreams” tour with Young Money’s Lil Twist

Diggy also shared with us his secret formula to his undeniable swag and all the things he can’t live without. 

Check out the exclusive interview below and on the next few pages!

GlobalGrind: You’ve been really busy with the tour and everything? How’s it been?

Diggy Simmons: Everything’s just been incredible really, just seeing everything come into fruition is just surreal. I heard that Copy, Paste made the Billboard charts last night so that’s crazy because being on Billboard was like a dream of mine so that definitely got me emotional. Being number one on 106 & Park two days in a row was crazy. And the tour was just incredible, I really love my supporters and the people that go hard for me so being able to interact with them every single night from all over the country is just an amazing feeling.

What are some of the most fun moments you had on tour with Lil Twist?

We went to Six Flags when we were in Dallas, that’s probably the funnest thing we did. Me, him, Khalil, my friend Spin, and my other friend Roger, and his  friend Jay, we all went to Six Flags and just had a good time and wilded out. We always do that past music, me and Twist have been friends for six years now so we’ve always had fun and a good time. Always, that’s my brother and my best friend.


How old were you when you first realized you wanted to do music?

In late ’08, early ’09  I just started cutting stuff because I had a lot on my chest and a lot that I just wanted to get out and express. Me becoming an artist wasn’t really a matter of me just like ‘oh I want to be a rapper, it didn’t happen like that. It was just the [matter] of me falling in love with making music and just going inside of myself and just making the best whatever I doing that could. I was just writing acapella at first and then I started writing over instrumentals and then after that I was experimenting with my voice recorded so I would go on my computer and my Mac and I would record on GarageBand. I put out my first song on my DJ’s YouTube in the summer of ’09. He put it on his YouTube and I ended up putting out my first mixtape in December of ’09. It got a pretty cool response, the first song that I put out in the summer, so my boy was like yo you should put out a mixtape. And then I put out my first mixtape and it’s been incredible ever since.

What are a few of your musical inspirations?

Jay-Z definitely and Kanye have been huge inspirations to me without a doubt. Lupe is another great inspiration, Eminem definitely, inspired by Nas.

If you had it your way and you could collab with anybody who would it be?

Kanye for sure.

If you could collaborate with any pop artist who would it be?

I don’t know if I’d really call him pop, he’s more of a cross between pop and rock, but Adam Levine is pretty dope. I love Maroon 5.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Definitely passing a lot of milestones and goals that I’ve wanted to reach. Hopefully two or three or however many arena tours on my back by then. Prestigious awards, Grammy’s, AMA’s, all types of different things. Magazine covers, you know just a lot of prestigious things and honors. God willing I’ll be there by then.


If you were sent to a deserted island and you could only bring 3 albums, what albums would you bring?

Seeing Sounds by N.E.R.D., I’m trying to see which Kanye album I love the most, probably 808s and Heartbreaks. And probably Overly Dedicated by Kendrick Lamar.

Can you tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I can only wear ankle socks. I refuse to wear any socks above my ankle, that’s the most annoying thing ever. Maybe if I’m swagging with some shorts, but when I’m wearing jeans or pants you will never catch me in tube socks.

Is there a formula to Diggy’s swag?

Just being me and wearing what I feel good in. I feel as though if you’re trying to accomplish something that day or you’re trying to do something I just feel as though you should dress confidently.

Since you are on the Closer to my Dreams tour, do you remember what your last dream was about?

It was something pretty crazy. I’m on stage and I reach my hand out and the fans pull me into the pit. I thought I was going to land in the pit but the pit was on some wishing well type stuff, it just kept going. I just kept falling. I was scared.


Is that something you can’t live without?

I feel naked without something on my wrist.

If I was a magic lamp and could grant you three wishes, what would your three wishes be?

One would be that I could have clear skin forever. Two, I could get any clothing item I want when I want it. Three, I’d wish for three more wishes.

Are you in the studio right now?

Yes I’m finishing up my album, it’s about 90 percent done. It’s really been incredible, I’m so excited for the world to hear it. People are going to be shocked at the level of juice. It’s so juicy. From the content to the things that are being talked about and the party songs. It’s everything, mid tempo, slow tempo, fast. And really what I’m doing now is putting it together so it makes sense. I’ve done enough to make it to where it’s close.


Are there going to be any features?

Definitely going to be features, I can’t say yet. We basically have a date, it’s going to be out before the year is over. I’ve had the name for about 2 months now. The name is definitely perfect, it really explains where a lot of people see me at now in music. That’s your hint. As soon as you see it you’re going to get it. And the album cover is swagger on a hundred thousand.

Has your dad given you any words of


Not really, he just really believes in me. He doesn’t really tell me to do anything or be a certain type of way. He just lets me do me. He doesn’t have any output on my music at all before. He’s never been in the studio at one of my sessions. I’m really my own person. My music is my music, he doesn’t need to be in there.

What about your mom?

She just really loves the songs. She has her favorites off the album.