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This morning InTouch Weekly reported that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were seperating after 13 years of marriage.

This came as shocking news being that the power couple have always been an ideal example of lovebirds to emulate.

SAY IT AIN’T SO! Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Separate?

But thankfully, it looks like the couple is still happy and very much together. Will and Jada have now responded to the rumors in a joint statement:

“Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is intact”

Also early today, RadarOnline reports an unidentified family member denied the claims of the couple’s separation.

When asked about the power duo’s split the family member said:

“This is absolutely not true” and “No way are they splitting up. They are totally together and are not separating,”

Will’s son Trey Smith, also wasn’t letting the rumor of his parents fly taking to his twitter to say:

“Will and Jada getting a DIVORCE ..NOT TRUE AT ALL !! RETWEET.”

Will and Jada have done many interviews sharing their love for one another and given us an inside peek into their relationship, which has us thinking these two lovers separating is nearly close to impossible.

When the two appeared on Oprah, Jada shared some thoughts on her hubby stating:

“People see Will as being very cheesy and happy and everything, but he has got one of the most beautiful, most generous hearts.”

Check out more of our favorite lovey-dovey quotes from Will and Jada on the following pages!


Will told Oprah: “If you don’t have a purpose for your relationship, if you don’t have a place that you’re going, something that you want to accomplish, something that you want to do, you can really get lost in the murk of the journey.”


Just a couple of months ago, Jada told RedBook magazine: “I said to myself, I’m going to take him on that hike. So we went up and had a really nice afternoon. We were there for about an hour, just sitting on a bench overlooking the canyons. I’m getting teary just thinking about it. We were both replenished and so happy and connected in that one hour. It doesn’t take a lot of time.”


Jada tells Piers Morgan: “Will came at a time in my life where he saw beauty in me that I didn’t see in myself at the time… I was going through a really rough time and created a space for me to get healthy and grow and to find myself.”


Will Smith told the Skavian Talk Show: “It’s been really important for us to focus on communication. Human beings are creatures of example. Neither of our parents stayed together, only one set of our grandparents stayed together. You don’t have an example of what a successful relationship is supposed to be like so we both realized that and worked hard and focused and studied and learned.”


Jada told Piers Morgan: “We have our arguments and we have our disagreement and we have our debates and we have our problems I mean it’s not perfect in the sense that we don’t have any issues. It’s not easy.”


Jada told CNN’s Piers Morgan: “With marriage I think what people have to understand that you have to look at your marriage and understand what is needed in your marriage, not what people think your marriage should be, not what people want your marriage to be, but I have to look at my husband and I have to look at him and look at what he needs as a individual and he has to look at me and see what I need and then we need to look at the union and see what the union needs and we have to look at that and make decisions based on that not what people think our marriage should be.”