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It’s mid-week and you don’t want to spend too much money, yet you still want to have a good time, if only for a few hours after work.

Luckily, you have Dollars & Sense to rely on to help you with your financial conundrums. 

Today we have a couple of things for you to do if you have only got one bill in your pocket. Although it’s only one bill, we’re going to use $15 for you to still have a little change left over once you break that $20.

Visit your local bowling alley.

Most people love going bowling and don’t take the game itself too seriously. With a group of friends you can go to the bowling alley and play a couple of games without breaking the bank. Whether or not you decide to eat while you’re there is completely up to you, but you will probably end up going over your $15 budget.  

For $15 you will be able to rent the lane for at least one round of bowling and if you have additional people with you, the amount of time you stay at your local bowling alley is completely up to you. But for a quick and easy good time with only $15, you can definitely enjoy yourself at the bowling alley.


Go See An Independent Film.

Most of the time independent films are really great, but end up costing more to see because they are at a smaller theater and don’t have as wide of a distribution as a major blockbuster movie.

With $15 you can definitely go down and see that movie that you have been dying to see but couldn’t find in the theater you usually go to. 

A lot of independent films find their way to major theaters after people find out how good the movie actually was. You can save yourself from the big crowds and go see the film while it’s still showing at your local independent theater.


Financial Tip Of The Day: Check Statements

Don’t get overcharge fees by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. You would be surprised how many mistakes are made frequently by these companies, so check and double check your statements and if you get overcharged let them know. It’s money that should should be in your pocket.

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