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Rihanna gets ready to get boozed up in her new “Cheers” teaser. 

A few weeks ago, Rihanna released the cover art for her next hit single “Cheers.” RiRi’s been seen guzzling beer and tequila in her free time, so it’s about time fans get a glimpse of her new party-ready video. 

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In a quick, we mean very quick, 15-second teaser, Rihanna gets ready to make a toast as her fans scream relentlessly for her to emerge on stage. 

As she puts on her makeup and gets her hair done, Rihanna feeds off the energy of the night as she walks closer and closer to the stage.

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Right before she appears, fireworks go off in the background and the teaser comes to a quick end. 

“Cheers” is scheduled to premiere tomorrow on iTunes.