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Many R&B divas can be linked to icons in the hip-hop industry in more ways than one, but Aaliyah Haugton was the one and only princess of hip-hop.

With close connections to the Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders teams, Aaliyah was the face of the urban pop world.

Before there was Beyonce, Aaliyah stood as the female face of “the ROC.”

At the time of her untimely death, Aaliyah was engaged to the co-founder of the Roc-A-Fella empire, Dame Dash.

Though an R&B singer, the influence of hip-hop was heavily felt throughout Aaliyah’s music.

Two of her closest friends, rappers Missy Elliot and Timbaland, produced some of her most classic tracks, and ever since her death, they’ve never been able to re-create that connection with any other artist. 

Following her death, many rappers rocked the singer’s spray-painted face on RIP shirts in music videos and on red carpets.

The love for the New York-born princess was evident in the posthumous release of the “I Miss You” music video.

With heartfelt words from DMX and the solemn presence of the Ruff Ryders to open the video, a tribute is paid to Aaliyah with appearances from Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Nick Cannon, Tank, Toni Braxton and so many more.

Now a decade after her tragic death, there’s no doubt that the “One In a Million” singer’s life and influence touched more than just the music industry, but the world as a whole.

Murals of her face along with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and Jam Master J are just a sign of the impact she left on a revamping rap world at the start of a new millineum. 

Check out the celebrity tribute to Aaliyah in “I Miss You” below and the head over to the gallery and catch a few shots of Aaliyah’s closest hip-hop homies. 

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