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Trey Smith, oldest son of the beloved Will Smith is a phony! Well, he’s not a phony, but whoever created the twitter account “@TheOfficalTrey” is.

The twitter account was getting tons of attention this week when it tweeted that the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were not getting divorced which caused everyone and their mothers to RT the person we thought actually knew what was going on behind-the-scenes of the idolized relationship.

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Turns out that account isn’t actually his. Although the account had over 5,000 followers, our favorite celeb kids Jaden Smith and Willow Smith didn’t follow the account and it’s now been suspended.

So what does this mean for all these divorce rumors? As we know, according to the couple’s rep, their marriage is “intact” so let’s hope it stays that way. We love us some Will and Jada!