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Say it ain’t so!

Evelyn Lozada has announced she is leaving Basketball Wives due to false accusations that were made by VH1.

The popular channel posted a blog yesterday claiming she cheated on her fiance Chad Ochocinco with his former teammate Terrell Owens.

Now that’s foul!

According to our friends at TMZ:

Evelyn is furious — claiming the rumor is simply UNTRUE — and she feels betrayed by the network. VH1 has since pulled the blog — but Lozada has already decided enough is enough … and she’s told producers she won’t be returning. 

The soon to be Mrs Ochocinco is livid and feels deceived by her network and she’s had enough. She would like to focus on family and the planning of her upcoming wedding.

What do you think about Evelyn’s abrupt departure?