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This may be the third strike when it comes to the ongoing relationship between American Muslims and the United States.

It was revealed through that the FBI is teaching its agents that “mainstream” American Muslims are likely to be terrorist sympathizers, even going so far as to say that the Prophet Mohammed was a “cult leader.”

OH WORD! The F.B.I. Is Teaching Its Agents That Muslims Are Violent?

The federal agency has taken it to another level by displaying a chart showing the more “devout” a Muslim, the more likely he is to be “violent.”

Once again America is headed down a slippery slope of anti-Muslim behavior. After the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, this is the last thing that needed to come to light.

OH WORD! CIA And The NYPD Creeping In Muslim Neighborhoods?

The broad generalization of Muslims only widens the divide between the Muslim world and America.

The coordinated attacks carried out on 9/11 were perpetrated by Islamic extremists in the al-Qaeda sect, but while 10 years have come and gone, Muslims in America have been placed in a box and haven’t been released yet.

Being Muslim in America is almost turning into what it was to be Black in the 1950s and ’60s during segregation.

Going over the events of this past year alone, we’ve seen the continuing divide between America and the Muslim world.

Strike One:

In March of 2011, U.S. Representative Peter King, who also serves as the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, held his first ever “Radicalization of American Muslims” hearings to discuss what roles American Muslims play in today’s society and if they pose a threat to the country.

King was heavily criticized for his hearings, primarily because he singled out a group of Americans based solely on their faith.

King isn’t a fan of Muslims. He’s said in the past that many are “enemies living among us” and that there are “too many mosques in this country.”

Today, King continues to preach about the radicalization of the Muslim community, in fact, he is scheduled to speak before British Parliament who is holding a hearing on the “roots of violent radicalization” in the Muslim community. 

Strike Two:

Earlier this summer it was revealed by the Associated Press that the C.I.A., along with the New York Police Department, infiltrated Muslim communities in undercover operations sending informants into mosques, minority neighborhoods, bars and other hangouts frequented by Muslims in order to gather info, despite having no probable cause.

The entire operation was illegal. 

This behavior may be viewed as helping America against terrorism, but it is only dividing our union.

As our history has shown us, segregation and division never works, we can’t continue to treat our own like second class citizens.

We won’t grow as a people, or as a nation.

– S.G. 

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