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Tyrese and actress Taraji P.Henson reunite in his new video “Stay.”

The R&B crooner is back with a dramatic new video starring his former co-star and friend Taraji P.Henson. 

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Reminiscent of their days together as “Yvette” and “Jody” in the movie Baby Boy, Taraji and Tyrese still seem to be going through the perils of love. 

Tyrese fans have been waiting and waiting for the video of this classic R&B love song, and they won’t be disappointed.

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The video begins with Taraji’s character dishing to her friend about the problems in her relationship. Tyrese’s character walks in the middle of the conversation, unbeknownst to Taraji, and well, we can pretty much predict what happens next.

In a fight to keep their love alive, Tyrese and Taraji struggle through the trials and tribulations love has to offer.

Tyrese’s forthcoming album Open Invitation is set to hit store shelves November 1.

Make sure you check out Tyrese’s new video “Stay” below and follow him on Twitter @Tyrese!