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After news took over the webisphere that rapper Fabolous and R&B singer Ray J got into a fight backstage at The Pearl concert, both Ray J and Fab have taken to the media to tell their side of the story. 

Ray J And Fabolous Fight Update: Ray J Apologizes!

Yesterday, Ray J called up the 105.1 Morning Show and went off on a very angry rant, while Fabolous later told his side of the story with DJ Clue calling Ray’s story a lie.

Ray J And Fabolous Fight Aftermath: Ray J Gets Dragged Out Of The Club

Well now, we have some post pictures of Fab after the supposed fight went down. The Brooklyn rapper hit the stage in Las Vegas as he was scheduled to perform.

It looks like despite what drama went on backstage, Fabolous pulled it together and dusted his shoulders off for a rocking performance.

Check out the post brawl pics in the gallery above. Let us know, does it look like Fab just finished getting into a fight before he hit the stage, or is he cool as a cucumber? 

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