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Jada Pinkett Smith was caught recently out and about in Beverly Hills and she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring!

The status of Jada’s ring has brewed up a lot of talk among the media, since husband Will Smith has been captured multiple times without his wedding band as well.

There have been too many rumors to count about Jada and Will Smith’s marriage, even though they shut down claims of infidelity and divorce back in August.

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Jada’s medical drama HawthoRNe was canceled last month, with no explanation, giving even more of a rise to all of the suspicion that Jada was sparking an affair with co-star and singer Marc Anthony.

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But with all these talks about Jada’s ring, when your love runs as deep as Jada and Will’s, it’s hard to break a bond that strong. 

GlobalGrind wishes the best for Will and Jada. They are definitely one of Hollywood’s most inspiring couples.

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