Running rampant as a mafia affiliated character in the real world will surely aid in your escort to the slammer. Running rampant as a mafia member in the cyber world? That  just means you’re playing Mafia Wars 2.

The Facebook game created by Zynga is marking the arrival of the first direct sequel to Mafia Wars with a new world of ruthless characters, a deep rooted storyline and new turf to build a cyber mafia empire upon.

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With Mafia Wars 2, players will be able to generate an avatar from over 20 million unique looks (including over 600 pieces of clothing) that will serve as the face who builds up their turf, collects cash and hires some not-so-law-friendly workers to handle their light weight.

That same hired crew can come through when players engage in player versus player combat and can be called on to help defend a player’s turf when it’s under attack and repair it after damage is dealt. Now that is some real mafia action.

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Mafia Wars 2 was built by the veteran team members that created Mafia Wars, and draws inspiration from the original, so Mafia Wars aficionados can look forward to a re-vamped edition of the game boasting a pleasing aesthetic upgrade.

Sit tight for the relase of the game. Until then check out the trailer for Mafia Wars 2 below!


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