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Timmy “Mission” Almeida is an artist, photographer and human rights’ activist. He has teamed up with Reality TV personality turned health and fitness guru, Eric Nies.

The two have embarked on the Right2Know March which began on October 1st and will continue until October 16th, 2011. The march began in New York City, gathering participants and speakers along the way to eventually culminate in Washington D.C. Check out Tim’s mission below.

We are being poisoned. Our life force, our seed, is being sabotaged without our knowledge. My goal as an M.C., BBoy and artist, is to create awareness among my brothers and sisters in the Hip-Hop community. I want to help shed light on all forms of oppression, and as of right now, the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms, more commonly referred to as GMO’s. GMO’s, are designed to destroy our health, the local farming industry, the food we eat, and our overall livelihood. 

They are modified food organisms that create illness and take away our power and living vibration. Biotechnology companies such as Monsanto have lobbied against labeling products containing their patented plants. These are plants that are specially designed to be sprayed with cancer-causing weed-killers, and plants that produce pesticides in every one of their cells. They, along with the F.D.A. and corporate farming conglomerates, are denying us our right to know exactly what we are ingesting. Eighty percent of the packaged foods in America contain GMO’s that have not been labeled, and they are affecting not only our selves, but our children as well.

Right now I am participating in the Right 2 Know March. Alongside my spiritual Brother Eric Nies, and Super food, Super Dog, Sugar Ray Robinson Cooper the Seed Saver, I am walking from NYC to The White House in order to raise awareness towards this issue. 

As a Hip-Hop artist, I know the power of our voice. As a culture we are at the forefront of revolutionary existence, and we are approaching a shift in not only the physical plane, but the spiritual one as well. I am hoping to draw attention to not only this issue, but to our movement as a community and family, and will take this opportunity to share what I learn along the way with all four elements. 

Please visit me at thelightwarrior.webs.com for more information. 

For information on the Right 2 Know March, go to Right2knowmarch.com.

Peace, Strength, Balance and Light. 

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