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Melanie Fiona stays awake for her no good dirty boyfriend in her new video “4 AM.” 

The Canadian R&B singer is sick of being mistreated and alone in her new woman-scorned video. 

In “4 AM” Melanie stays up until the early morning ,waiting for her boyfriend to come home after a late night of partying. 

Suspecting he’s out at a bar and getting close to another woman, Melanie sulks in her misery. 

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Heartbroken and love-struck, Melanie makes the decision to leave, but in the end she sticks around and waits for her man. 

He on the other hand gets pulled over by the cops after driving drunk. 

Basically another classic love story gone wrong. 

Melanie drops her sophomore album The MF Life on December 6. 

Take a look at her new video below!