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Hey lovers! It’s ya girl Julissa Bermudez with another blog I think you guys will enjoy. I don’t know about you but I still get butterflies when going on a first date. So I’ve decided to share some ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ that have helped me along the way. Enjoy!

DO: Spend time to find the right outfit. Something fun and flirty.

(This goes to the men as well! Please DO dress up (casual is fine but DON’T show up in sneakers if it’s a dinner date)

DON’T: Dress TOO sexy! women let’s think about leaving something to the imagination.



DO: Have confidence in your appearance.

DON’T: Be arrogant, too much confidence is a turn off.

DO: Your best to LISTEN this way the conversation will flow and it doesn’t seem like an interview but more of a date.

DON’T: Ask about having babies, getting married, 5yr plan. Although we want answers to all these things,on the first date this may come off as a little much.

DO: Talk about goals, whether it’s to travel more, try new things or new foods. This makes for good conversation and gives you a chance to get to know each other’s interest.




DON’T brag about your success, if you think going on and on about you and your job is going to impress think again!

DO: Act like a lady and Men act like gentlemen. Open doors, pull out your ladies chair (chivalry goes a long way!)

DON’T: Drink too much! Sometimes when you hit it off with someone right away you feel comfortable and might get a little carried away, but no one wants to have to deal with a drunk!

DO: Be yourself!! You want this person to like you for YOU! So ladies be opinionated if you have something to say about a topic, speak up he’ll appreciate it.

DON’T: Rush into things, if the chemistry is obvious and both of you are clearly feeling each other then a kiss (NOT make out session) won’t hurt. But remember the key is to leaving the person wanting more!! 😉


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