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Troy Davis’ final words have been released and we can now hear the death row inmate plead his innocence to the family of Savannah officer, Mark MacPhail, who he was convicted of killing back in 1989.

STORY: He Has A Name: Troy Davis Executed At 11:08 PM EST

Listen and hear the heartbreaking footage, as Davis speaks to the MacPhail family, telling them “I am innocent.”

As Reported By The Associated Press:

Documents obtained by The Associated Press provide a glimpse into the last moments of Davis’ life before he was executed Sept. 21 for the murder of an off-duty Savannah officer. At one point, Davis vowed to fast and refused several prison meals, but as the night dragged on he asked for food. And as his 7 p.m. scheduled execution time came and went during a late appeal, guards caught Davis taking an hour-long nap.

Davis’ execution for the murder of Mark MacPhail was the center of an international outcry from supporters who said he was the victim of mistaken identity. Prosecutors and MacPhail’s family said they were certain Davis was guilty and that justice was served.

Clouded in doubt, the Troy Davis case proved that we need to take a serious look at capital punishment in the United States. His last words show that until the end, Davis proclaimed his innocence.