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Feed ’em to please ’em.

Apparently after American Apparel refused to let Nancy Upton (the winner of their Next Big Thing contest) model for the brand’s plus size campaign, they thought all beef could be squashed after getting her drunk and … feeding her?!

STORY: American Apparel Plus Size Competition: When Big Things Go Wrong 

American Apparel flew Nancy to company headquarters in California over the weekend to discuss the situation and make amends after Nancy blasted the company for their offensive plus size model ad competition, which she actually won with her mocking, tongue-in-check photographs.

The company hoped to end the beef. However, if American Apparel didn’t learn then, they for sure learned now that Nancy is not one to be played with.

Nancy went to her blog to blast the company once again. 

Ironically American Apparel’s way of easing things over with Nancy included boozing her up in the midst of the company’s creative directors, and feeding her cream puffs in meetings.

“Marsha and I were trying to remember what we even talked about, and amidst all of the late night fun and cream puffs (compounded by the fact that we couldn’t re-watch the video of the meeting), we can hardly remember what was said at all. So I guess we’ll wait and see your edit to see if they are any holes that seem like they need filling. Does that sound ok to you?”

Nancy continues to raise eyebrows concerning the company image; ending her blog with “how can you possibly not understand what you do? I hope they figure it out” and we do too!

SOURCE: Extra Wiggle Room

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