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Oh, Odd Future!

Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future homies Jasper and Taco have broken us off with another hilarious and extremely inappropriate video, and we love it!

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Tyler, the Creator’s new video “B*tch Suck D*ck” is the rebuttal to everything commercial hip-hop has become. 

Riding around on a white horse and sporting a black jheri curl wig, Tyler makes fun of the ’90s beach show Baywatch and adds his own spin on it with “Baywolf.” 

“B*tch Suck D*ck” also features big fat video girls, the anti-skinny models, and pokes fun at BET with their rendition entitled NET, which stands for “N*ggas Embarrassing Themselves.”

The video is directed by Wolf Haley, also known as Tyler, the Creator’s “evil white alter-ego.” 

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Wolf Haley is just one of Tyler’s many alter-egos. A few weeks ago, Tyler debuted his newest character Young N*gga. 

Critics may not understand Odd Future, but they’re definitely trying to send a message. 

With a hook like “my b*tch suck d*ck, like she suck d*ck,” we can definitely tell you that this song is NSFW, by any means. 

So beware! Don’t play this song in the office. 

Watch “B*tch Suck D*ck” below!