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We’ve all heard the saying: the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. All too often headlines tell tales of wealthy businessmen ripping off the less fortunate. But what if the little guy actually fought back, took what he was owed and then some?

That’s exactly the premise of the new action comedy Tower Heist, starring comedic icons Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

The film follows Stiller’s character Josh, an overworked luxury apartment building manager who heads up a team that plans to rob a wealthy Wall Street tenant (played by the illustrious Alan Alda) who has pulled a Ponzi scheme and ripped them all off.

We all know Ben Stiller as the endearing funny man from films like Zoolander and Meet the Parents, but he’s also a writer, director, philanthropist and fledgling action star.

Eddie Murphy is Stiller’s main partner in crime, Slide, a petty crook who helps Josh plan his revenge. Eddie is one of the foremost men in comedy, from his turn on Saturday Night Live, to his star role as Sherman Klump in The Nutty Professor films. Eddie has been nominated for an Academy Award, made albums and will even host this year’s Oscars!

Matthew Broderick plays one of the Tower’s residents who teams up with the building staff on the heist. Broderick is not only an iconic film star (take Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for example), but he’s also a lauded stage actor (The Producers) and the youngest person ever to win a Tony Award.

Gabourey Sidibe rounds out the cast, playing a maid at the building who lends her skills and familiarity with residents to the heist. Gabby burst into the spotlight for her emotional turn as the title character in the Academy Award winning film Precious. She’s now starring in a psychological thriller on Showtime called Homeland with Claire Danes.


Directed by accomplished filmmaker Brett Ratner, Tower Heist was filmed all on location in New York City and produced by both Brian Grazer and Eddie Murphy.

Ratner and Grazer expertly navigate a stellar cast through the hilarious and action packed adventure to reclaim their money, using the skills and know-how they’ve acquired through years of dutiful service in the building.

Brett Ratner made his mark directing hip-hop videos for Def Jam and Russell Simmons and counts hip-hop legends like LL Cool J, Wu Tang Clan and Diddy as some of his happy clients. Ratner has also amassed a lucrative body of work in film, epitomizing the idea of hip-pop with contemporary classics like the Rush Hour franchise and X-Men 3.

For his part, Brian Grazer is a producing legend. He’s won numerous Academy Awards for films like A Beautiful Mind and was involved in the first ever hip-hop song to win Best Original Song at the Oscars: Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” from 8 Mile.

With two guys like this at the helm of Tower Heist, you know you’re in for a smart, funny and fast-paced film. Be sure to catch Tower Heist when it hits theaters everywhere November 4th!