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Odd Future frontmen Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator hit the piano to make new music. 

Odd Future posted these photos of Frank and Tyler creating their next hit. 

MUSIC: Frank Ocean “Thinking About You”

We didn’t know Tyler knew how to play the piano, but apparently he does. Odd Future never ceases to amaze us. They all have real natural talent, that a lot of artists nowadays lack. 

While Tyler bangs on the keys, Frank Ocean looks as if he was trying to figure out a melody to a song or create a hook for an R&B banger. 

Frank Ocean is probably the most reserved member of the anti-establishment hip-hop group Odd Future, but he isn’t reserved musically. 

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Frank has been working with the biggest heavy hitters in the music industry. From Jay-Z and Kanye West to Beyonce and Bridget Kelly, Frank has been writing and producing hit after hit. 

Most recently, Frank dropped his oddly interesting video “Swim Good,” which was dubbed a video that “only weirdos can understand.” GlobalGrind loves it. 

Frank plans on releasing his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra as an EP, which is set to hit store shelves Winter 2011. 

Take a look at Tyler and Frank in the gallery above!