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Trolling around Twitter today, we came across the above photo and this Tweet belonging to GlobalGrind’s own Uncle Rush:

“A life long friend gave me some special diamond prayer beads. I’m afraid an honest monk might steal them.”

The photo of the diamond prayer beads above have between 36-38 “beads,” not counting the guru bead which looks expensive, as well as pretty.

Uncle Rush didn’t tell us who gave him this lavish present, but after some serious digging we discovered that the yellow diamond prayer beads were a gift from another generous hip-hop mogul: Diddy!

Diddy has frequently lavished his friends and family with expensive things. Remember when he laced Andre Harrell with cars and his own 16-year-old son with a Maybach?

Russell has known Diddy since he was an intern and the two have become great friends over the years.

We’re so jealous of their friendship. Who else’s friends would give them diamonds? Holy diamonds no less! 

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